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An unfinished basement can be a blank slate for homeowners seeking to add value and increase the usability of their home. By hiring an expert remodeling company like J&J Contractors, Milwaukee-area homeowners can transform an under-utilized subterranean storage area into a space to entertain, recreate, exercise and simply live in levels of comfort previously unimaginable.

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Full Basement Remodeling & Finishing Services

The skilled remodeling contractors at J&J love seeing an unused space reborn into a premier hangout and living area. Our design crew will work with you to see your vision of a finished basement come to fruition, from conception to completion.

Whether it’s adding to your livable area, creating new spaces for hobbies and recreation, or you want to expand the bedroom or bath count of your home, J&J Contractors will bring years of expertise to completely change the living dynamic of your home by finishing your basement in style.


Basement Rec Rooms

The classic basement rec room has been a staple addition to homes for generations, offering families a space for all sorts of activities. From the classic wood-paneled finished cards and billiards room of yesteryear to the ultramodern man cave and sports or gaming-centric designs of today, J&J Contractors will help you design and build a rec room area where you’ll spend loads of recreational time for years to come.

Basement Bars & Kitchens

If you’re looking to give your basement the classy speakeasy feel, a modern basement bar design, or want to add additional food prep space to your upstairs kitchen, including a bar or kitchen into your basement remodel is the right choice. Whether it’s a full-length bar equipped with kegs and tappers or just a basic wet bar, we’ve got your basement watering hole desires covered.

If you’re after a simple basement kitchenette to prepare appetizers when entertaining in your remodeled basement, or want to go all out on a full basement kitchen, our team of designers and builders will work with you to make the dream happen. With J&J Contractors, the only limitations for your finished basement kitchen or bar (besides basement square footage) is your imagination.

Basement Bathrooms

One of the quickest ways to add value to your home is by adding an additional bathroom. For this and many other reasons, if you’re looking into finishing your basement, planning to include a new bathroom is always a wise choice. Our team will help you with design, layout and construction (of course) to make the most out of your basement finishing project and add real value to your basement remodel

Basement Home Gyms

Gym rats with the available space can get additional workouts in their basement (or just skip the gym membership altogether) with a basement gym addition from the remodelers at J&J Contractors. Our team will work with you to create a highly-functional workout space in your basement, replete with all the structural amenities you’ll find in any commercial gym, including:

  • Glass partitions
  • Full Length Mirrors
  • Treated or rubberized floors
  • Custom Storage

Basement Bedrooms

Finishing a basement offers opportunities to expand your home’s number of bedrooms, when done correctly. But, adding a bedroom to a basement finishing project can increase its overall complexity in unexpected ways. According to the State of Wisconsin building code 21.03(5)(b), subterranean sleeping quarters require two legal exits, which often means egress windows must be added. J&J is familiar with these requirements and has experience building out legal basement bedrooms to comply with local and state building codes.

Basement Egress Windows

Windows leading to subterranean bedrooms offer more comfort through added light and ventilation, but they also provide an additional exit, which is required by WI law. Our team has plenty of experience incorporating egress windows into basement finishing plans, allowing homeowners to add to their bedroom count in safety and style.

Factors affecting Basement Remodeling Costs

Because there are so many options and possibilities for remodeling or finishing a basement, the cost of any basement finishing project will depend on a wide range of factors. The biggest determining factor is considering what features to include. Finishing a basement by only framing out a room or two with no special functionality is one thing – building out bathrooms, kitchens and other intensive tasks is bound to add more to total basement remodeling costs. Additional cost considerations include:

  • Layout & configuration: the complexity of layout, along with the choice of rooms and their functionality will have a big impact on the project’s total cost.
  • Materials selected: some building material choices like fixtures, lighting & plumbing, will be more expensive than others and may have higher costs of installation.
  • Home age: older homes may require upgrades to electrical systems and plumbing in order to deal with new basement features – particularly those involving water, like bathrooms and kitchens.

Custom Basement Finishing Projects with J&J

Contact our team today to learn more about our experience, our design/build process and what goes into pricing a custom basement remodel. We’re excited to create a new space with you.

When you’re looking to add functionality and value to your home by remodeling your basement or any other part of your home, trust our team to treat you like family.