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For homeowners in the Milwaukee area seeking remodeling services to improve the flow and usability of their kitchen, turning to expert contractors like the team at J&J Contractors LLC is the first step toward getting the kitchen of their dreams.

Between kitchen and bathroom remodels, few other room upgrades compare in adding to home value. And while homeowners tend to spend most of their hours in the bedroom, most active, conscious time spent in the home is spent in the kitchen. A kitchen’s importance stretches beyond the day-to-day as well: anyone who’s had a gathering of friends in their home knows that guests tend to congregate in and around the kitchen. A great kitchen is truly the centerpiece of a modern household.

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Full Kitchen Remodeling Services

From having a team of experienced designers and architects doing the designing and layout, along with skilled tradespeople handling the renovations and remodeling, to having a single reliable project manager overseeing it all and communicating with the client, J&J Contractors has become a trusted source for kitchen remodeling in Milwaukee and throughout southeastern Wisconsin. Our team of kitchen remodelers are award-winning and ready to bring their complete set of skills to bear on your project. From start to finish, from the last light switch to the final tile, our team is in your corner so that your kitchen can truly shine.


Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling

Among the first things people think of when considering a kitchen remodeling project is the cabinetry. Whether starting fresh with a full replacement and kitchen cabinet reconfiguration or just refinishing your cupboards, our team ensures the vision of your kitchen’s storage comes through without compromise.

The kitchen experts at J&J will help you decide on a course of action for your kitchen cabinetry and see the entire project to fruition from inception to completion. Our full complement of kitchen cabinetry services provides Milwaukee area homeowners with all the options they need as part of their remodel, including such aspects as:

  • Painting
  • Refinishing
  • Removal & Installation
  • Door style updates
  • Hardware upgrades

Kitchen Countertop Remodeling

Good, plentiful working surfaces are an essential piece of a kitchen’s functionality. When it comes to counter space, you can never really have enough. The team of designers at J&J will work with you and the confines of your existing kitchen to make the most out of available space, AND we’ll be sure these countertop and kitchen island surfaces have the look and feel you’re after.

Whether you’re seeking an upgrade from laminate to granite, from acrylic to quartz countertops (or anything in between) the kitchen remodeling pros at J&J will help you get the material you’re after with the look you want. We’ll use our experience to ensure you understand the advantages and drawbacks of whatever material you’re after so you can make the best choice of working surface for our kitchen. Our countertop remodeling services include:

  • Material selection
  • Resurfacing/Resealing
  • Removal
  • Sizing & cutting
  • Installation

Kitchen Flooring

Hardwood, porcelain tile, laminate, or vinyl plank flooring? With J&J Contractors, whatever option you choose for your kitchen flooring, you’ll rest assured that the selection and installation process will be as seamless as possible. If your kitchen upgrade requires a whole new flooring installation or just a simple resurfacing, the pros at J&J will ensure everything is done correctly to give you the flooring aesthetic and feel you’re after and everything fits together just right. Our kitchen floor remodeling services run the full gamut, including:

  • Guidance toward your selection
  • Tear up/removal
  • Resurfacing
  • Installation
  • Sealing
Green kitchen with backsplash

Sinks & Backsplashes

When you’re in the kitchen, odds are good you’re spending some time at the sink: prepping, washing, rinsing, straining, blanching, etc. With any kitchen remodel, a sink and backsplash upgrade is a great opportunity to improve the look, functionality and ergonomics of your workspace. From stainless steel under-mounts with a subway tile backsplash, to farmhouse single basins with a mosaic tile pot filler backsplash and everything in between, we’ll ensure the sink you stand in front of everyday stands out, while beings ergonomic and elegant in all the ways you want.

  • Design consultation
  • Plumbing work
  • Sink Removal/Installation
  • Tilework and installation

Factors affecting Kitchen Remodeling Costs

As with any major remodel, renovation or redesign of a high-function room like a kitchen, there are a lot of factors that go into figuring the cost of an upgrade. With nearly every aspect of a kitchen remodel, there are opportunities to cut costs or expand them based on the choices that are made at the design and planning stage.

  • Layout & configuration changes: moving things like counters, sinks, and cabinets to create new kitchen workspace layouts will cost more than keeping laid out as is.
  • Materials selected: some materials are naturally more expensive than others, and some may have higher costs of installation as well.
  • Home age: older homes may require upgrades to electrical systems and plumbing in order to deal with new kitchen appliances, components and configurations.

Custom Kitchen Remodels with the Award-Winners at J&J

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