Award-Winning Interior – Oakwood

Interior Remodel

This large family estate was in the process of being passed from one family member to another and while the new homeowners loved their large family home, they did not love it’s dated décor. It was time for an interior remodel from J & J Contractors.

When first entering the home through the garage, which the homeowners used as their main entrance, they were greeted with walls and walls of dated floral and plaid wallpaper. While they had ample storage space, they also had inexpensive MDF cabinets that did not suit the grandeur of the home, or what they envisioned for the home to become. They desired updated custom cabinets that would run throughout the first floor to cohesively tie the entire first floor together.

This area of the home did not have a natural light source, so they requested that the remodel make it feel as light and bright as the rest of the home. Since this mudroom was the main entrance for the family, that made it the main entrance for their four-legged family member as well. They wanted a designated area for their beloved family pet, and not have to walk around or look at the clunky dog kennel or dog bowls that often got pushed around and made the room feel messy.

Light, bright, and modern is what these homeowners were looking for.  The previous floor to ceiling yellowed, floral wallpaper was removed and replaced with a soothing neutral warm gray and white color scheme. The gray of the walls was chosen to be a warm and neutral backdrop that not only coordinated with the flooring and counters but also allows the white of the cabinets to pop and brighten the room.

The homeowners hated the dark and closed in feel of the previous room. To overcome this feeling and brighten the room, the previous dim track lighting was replaced with stylish can lighting and more of it. Task lighting was added with under cabinet lighting, that can be used for ambiance or left on at night when they come in from walking their family pet. Large natural stone tile was laid in a Versailles pattern that adds visual interest throughout the room, continuing the new light and bright design for the space, while also being functional for the everyday lifestyle of this family.

Cabinets & Countertop Remodel

The new homeowners disliked the existing cabinetry and laminate countertops. They desired this room to match the more elegant feeling of the rest of the home. The MDF and laminate was removed and replaced with custom painted maple cabinetry that was topped with an elegant crown molding. The custom cabinets were built to hide the existing soffits that ran throughout the room. When redesigning the cabinets and storage layout of the room, a large section was left open to allow a place for the custom dog kennel to reside that was both out of the main pathway and was elegantly finished to blend into the new maple cabinets.

The previous laminate countertops were replaced with beautiful Cambria Quartz countertops that match the newly designed kitchen. The old utility sink was replaced with a stylish Kohler farmhouse sink and Kohler fixtures. To further solve the homeowner’s desire to include their pet in the remodel, a maple and quartz feeding station was added to both blend into the room and be out of the homeowner’s way.

The previous walk-in closet was a walk-in closet in name only. It didn’t provide a space that was large enough for the homeowners to both store their belongings as well as have an area to sit and take off their shoes and coats. The need for more space and organization was solved with a custom closet storage system that made sure there was plenty of space for the entire family to store their everyday items. A double wood bench was built in for seating, and the natural stone flooring replaced the existing wood flooring to cohesively connect the closet space with the mudroom.

Bathroom Remodel

Also located off of the garage entryway was one of the guest full bathrooms. The bathroom’s dual entry system, dated plaid wallpaper, and cabinets left the new owners less than thrilled with the space. By removing the wallpaper and continuing the soothing gray of the mudroom the two areas were able to flow together cohesively instead of feeling like distinct and jarring spaces.

The second entrance to the bathroom was removed, matching custom maple painted cabinets replaced the existing flimsy cabinets, and a Cambria quartz countertop replaced the white laminate. The flooring in here was removed and replaced with wide-planked engineered maple hardwood flooring that tied into the rest of the first floor.

Not wanting to lose the symmetrical sconce lighting or the over‐sized mirror of this bathroom, the dated orb lighting was replaced with stylish oil rubbed bronze fixtures, a frame was added to the mirror to complete the continuity of the updated white woodwork of the space. The dated gold faucet was replaced with new Kohler fixtures for both the sink as well as the stand-up shower.

The main foyer of the first floor that transitions from the front portion of the house and the newly remodeled kitchen also received a style update for the new home owners. The existing flooring was removed and replaced with wide plank engineered maple hardwood flooring. The tree mural was removed and updated to flow with the new color palette of the home, yet still wanting to pay homage to this family design, the mural was emulated in both their custom printed rug as well as the arched bench in the room.

The round columns leading into the kitchen were squared off and topped with matching crown molding, further connecting the first floor to flow as one continuous modern design as the homeowners had requested.

This expansive home included an amenity not often seen in today’s kitchen layouts, a butler’s pantry. This charming aspect of the home was something that the new homeowners absolutely loved and wanted to maintain in their remodel. The existing space was updated to seamlessly flow with the rest of the home. The flooring was replaced with matching wide plank engineered wood floors, the counters upgraded to matching Cambria quartz countertops, and custom painted maple cabinets were installed as well. The updated cabinetry kept the glass-paneled door fronts but updated the layout
with an angled corner unit cabinet.

This additional storage space was kept largely the same but did exchange out some cabinet units for efficient and stylish pull out drawer storage. This provided easier access for the homeowners, and also includes a new corner unit cabinet design that perfectly shows off unique pieces or decorative items to provide pops of character throughout the space. The glass hardware of the room coordinates with the bathroom hardware, and the raised door and drawer fronts transition nicely from this additional storage space and into the adjacent larger kitchen.

Kitchen Remodeling

Space to entertain was the goal for these homeowners including a large, stylish kitchen that they could both entertain in and host large gatherings for their friends and family. By using a classic color palette of white, black, and gray the large kitchen was given a timeless design and feels even more expansive by reflecting the natural light throughout the room. In this portion of the kitchen, the existing soffits were removed; this removal allowed every inch of the walls to be better utilized both aesthetically and functionally.

Aesthetically, the removal created an area to display their personality thru wall art, and functionally the addition of lit accent cabinets allow the homeowners to display family artifacts or double as additional storage, depending on their mood. By continuing the custom cabinets all the way to the ceiling the sightline is visually extended to the elegant two-stage crown molding that wraps the tops of the cabinets, and cohesively ties the kitchen, columns, and front mudroom together. The space is warmed and anchored by the engineered maple wood floor that runs throughout the kitchen, dining, and sitting room.

The homeowners loved the massive center island in the kitchen. They loved the storage space it provided and the cooktop prep area but were looking for more functionality to be brought to this updated piece of architecture in the room. The large kitchen island was given more status as a focal point of the space with an accent Cambria quartz countertop in black that continues the classic color palette of the space. Additional functionality was brought to the island with the addition of a prep sink with a matching Kohler faucet fixture. Electrical outlets were added as well as additional seating at the far end of the island to increase the usability of the center island.

By changing the eat‐in area of the island, they not only added more casual space for guests but also more cabinet storage. With the addition of the cabinet storage under the seating area, they were able to add a bank of storage drawers, both mimicking the design of the opposite side as well as adding a more convenient storage solution. By replacing the previous corbel support system at the end of the island with a new coordinating post, seating increased from none to space for three. The previous wine fridge was upgraded to include a beverage center allowing these hosts to accommodate cold beverages requests for their wide variety of guests.

Additional lighting was added throughout the space, to satisfy the bright design the homeowners were looking for. Task lighting was added over the main sink area, and ambient lighting was added to the new display cabinets that frame the window and under cabinet lighting was also added for an extra lighting option.

New Appliances & Storage & Windows

Seamless integration that balances form and function was a large design aesthetic with this kitchen. The fridge’s front was custom built to integrate into the wall of maple cabinets to be more reminiscent of a pantry than a large fridge. Since the homeowners thought that a large set of stainless steel doors would break up the bright and white design they were hoping for, a custom fridge front was designed. A new farmhouse sink was added with a removable cutting board, adding elegant functionality to the space. A new multi‐function Kohler faucet in the vibrant stainless finish completes the area.

Symmetry and balance. Both are beautifully displayed in this kitchen with the addition of balanced storage space. Previously unused space was built out with a symmetrical design of tall, double-wall cabinets that flank matching glass front display cabinets. These cabinets hold plenty of space for both displaying personal items as well as storing those useful, but rarely used, kitchen items. A custom-built wine rack completes this beautiful bank of cabinets. Both over and under cabinet lighting was added to make this area even more of a focal point of the kitchen.

The windows of this kitchen were upgraded and replaced with energy-efficient triple-pane Plygem windows. The dated and small chandelier was replaced with a large statement wrought iron light fixture that mimics the square and modern design of the kitchen, as well as ties into the classic black and white motif of the newly renovated space.

Transitioning from the dining area and into the attached large sunroom went from feeling clunky to seamless. The homeowners wanted theses two distinct spaces to flow more cohesively together, yet maintain the option to divide the areas when the sunroom was not in use. To accomplish this, the large window was replaced and the seemingly random column was removed allowing for a continuous line of sight throughout the two rooms.

Sunroom Remodeling

The large sunroom had great potential, but was dated and not keeping with the design the new homeowners were envisioning for their space. The cold and unwelcoming tile was removed and replaced with the engineered maple flooring to add warmth and depth to the room. The existing pine design was whitewashed to update the space and to better reflect the abundance of natural light the room provided. The fireplace was updated and turned into the focal point it was always meant to be. The not functioning indoor grill was removed and the fireplace chimney was expanded to accommodate a six-foot streamlined gas fireplace. The stylish and sleek design provides a wonderful contrast between the expansiveness of the floor to ceiling stone façade while maintaining the intimate ambiance of the space. A hand stained, custom-built mantle was added to further anchor the fireplace.

The painted white brick was removed and replaced with a cobble field cultured stone design. Given the expansiveness of the fireplace, the stone size was able to be increased significantly in comparison to the previous brick design. The warmer color scheme and the varying size and design of the cobble field pattern was much more in tune with these new homeowner’s vision for the space. The hearth was removed and the warm wood flooring runs flush to the stone’s edge to further emphasize the fireplace design.